Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana, Cuba, del 14 al 18 de octubre de 2019
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Dear Colleagues: 

We are all pleased to invite you to participate in the VII International Culinary Festival  | FestivalCulinario2019: dedicated to the 500thAnniversary of Havana, which will take place from October 14 to 18, 2019, based at the Palace of Conventions, Havana, Cuba. 

This Festival, which is NOT COMPETITIVE, aims to bring together professionals and students from all over the world to exchange current experiences and perspectives on food. As well as market trends to achieve the offer that produces maximum satisfaction with better health. All concatenated with practical demonstrations with the characteristics of national kitchens.

 The program includes: Master Classes, Debate Workshops, Culinary Hall, Barman Show, Sommelier Demonstrations and Associated Exhibition.Parallel to the documentary richness and practice on the culinary activity that will characterize the conclave, the participants will be able to enjoy the historical temptations and the natural and architectural beauties of the Cuban capital: Havana in its 500th Anniversary 

There is also a special program for students that includes master classes taught by the most renowned Chefs of the World. This event, which covers all latitudes, will build a bridge of friendship and brotherhood among the peoples. 

INVICTA Group Services  would like to assist you and your potential guest with this Grand Festival. We are the official US Tour Operator for all US travelers to the event.  The documents we request below,  will allow us:

  • register you in the congress
  • prepare your Cuban Travel Visa, US Travel Affidavit and Travel Invitation Letter
  • complete your accommodation 
  • accept all your payments in USD for your convenience

After we receive all documents listed below, we will invoice you and your guest accordingly the appropriate fees. Once your itemized invoice has been reviewed by you, - we will sent you an electronic invoice for your payment to be process.  


Please complete the attached registration forms and submit to us

  • DELEGATES                  $300.00 USD
  • CUBAN DELEGATES       $250.00 USD
  • COMPANION                 $100.00 USD
  • STUDENTS                    $  80.00 USD



Please along with your completed registration forms submit to us:  

  • copy of  US passport or foreign passport
  • or proof of legal residence in the US



Cuba Hotel Reservations are charged based on occupancy. They charged per guest. 

  • If there are (2) guest in the room -  is a double room
  • If there  is   (1) guest in the room -  is a single room

                                                                     SINGLE      DOUBLE

HOTEL PALCO ***                                        $   98.00           $   83.00

HOTEL MELIA HABANA ****                          $ 160.00           $ 103.00

HOTEL NACIONAL DE CUBA *****                $ 189.00           $ 131.00



We could also assist you in your flights. 



Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the event you have any further questions. 

Best, Carlos Alberto




Carlos Alberto Fleitas | AIA Associate

Program Director | VIP Travel Services to Cuba   


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